About Us

About Us

by adnane yako

ADP USA, INC & Owner Paul Ohana

Located on the south side of Beach 116th Street, is ADP USA, Inc., Rockaway’s unrivaled sign company. With a vast selection of printers and machines from vinyl plotters to laser engraving, owner Paul Ohana (left of image) can help get your messages to the masses. Ohana comes from a long line of sign manufacturers. Having gained his experience from a family business, Ohana is known for owning and operating the largest sign manufacturing company in Israel with over 100 employees.

After moving to the United States in 1989, Ohana opened several branches under American Digital Printing, or ADP, USA, Inc.

In 2000, Ohana opened an ADP USA, Inc. in Rockaway on Rockaway Beach Boulevard. Due to damages incurred from Hurricane Sandy, ADP was forced to move its location and is now located on the main shopping corridor of Beach 116th.

Key Contractor in Hurricane Sandy Rebuilding Project

ADP was a key contractor in the storefront renovations of shops on Beach 116th Street and Beach 129th Street. Ohana and his staff worked closely with New York City Small Business Solutions and shop owners for new designs to help revitalize the overall look of approved damaged properties in Rockaway.

In this program, ADP USA, Inc. completed 45 new awning and signs to help in advertising and beautification. Specializing in carved wood signs created on a CNC router machine, laser engraving, large format printing on any material, vinyl lettering, channel lettering and light boxes, ADP creates high quality, visually appealing, competitively priced signage.

Small businesses are getting more assistance
from the City. After a successful pilot
program, the Small Business Storefront
Improvement Program has been launched to
give even more business owners who were
impacted by Hurricane Sandy the opportunity
to repair their storefronts. Local businesses
are also being helped by the grant in other
ways. Hughes says that he and other owners
on Beach 116th Street used local contractors
for almost 100 percent of the work that they
had done. For instance, many businesses
used signs and awnings created by
ADP USA Inc., which is also located
on Beach 116th Street.

The Rockaways was one of the areas hit
hardest by Hurricane Sandy. In the
aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, the merchants
of Beach 116th Street came together. With
the help of the NYC Department of Small
Business Services and a grant from
MasterCard, we formed the Beach 116th Street
Partnership to help coordinate recovery
projects and ensure that Beach 116th
Street comes back stronger than ever.
“The brave members of the NYPD and FDNY
worked tirelessly serving the public
throughout the storm while many of their
own homes and families were deeply affected,”
It is the least we can do to provide some
assistance and relief to these heroes

They are more than just signs of life along
Beach 116th St. in Rockaway. A set of new
awnings and storefronts is giving the
commercial strip, slammed hard by Hurricane
Sandy, a more uniform and clean look.The
storefronts initiative was a boost for
Paul Ohana of ADP Signs and Awnings, a local
merchant whose shop was destroyed by the
storm. He has crafted many of the new signs
from his replacement shop on Beach 116th St.
“The street looks great and not just because
I did all the signs there,” he said with a smile.

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